Business Turnaround : Statistics on business failures in Botswana and world-over are staggering. Locally, the disturbing thing is that a significant percentage of the struggling companies have been funded by public funds through government agencies and parastatals such as CitizenEntrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA), the National Development Bank (NDB), Botswana Development Corporation (BDC), Young Development Fund (YDF)and Gender Affairs. Failure of ventures funded by the above institutions has negative ripple effects on the economy including the hemorrhaging of taxpayers’ money. Likewise commercial banks have not been spared from the high business loan default rate. This is evidenced by the unceasing stream of “in the matter between” adverts that fill Botswana’s daily and weekly publications. Spectrum Training Services is believes there is there is hope and help for struggling businesses. In an effort to curtail the above challenge, Spectrum Training Services delivers skills training that will enable participants to formulate dynamic and sustainable business turnaround strategies. The programme will equip them with skills that will make it easy to pay back their loans and save their faces.