Job Search Strategies : Spectrum Training Services’ Red Apple Job Search Strategies Skills is which is designed for anyone who is beginning or is actively involved in a job search. It targets universities, colleges, churches and youth groups and individuals. This course is designed to equip job seekers with skills and strategies to enable them to find jobs easily. The course takes participants through everything one need to know to stop spinning their wheels, and become a more productive jobseeker!The programme provides valuable lessons on writing resumes, building a brand, and interviewing for jobs. The course also helps candidates build resumes that resonate with target employers, prepare a cover letter, and stand out to one’s dream jobs and companies. The programme also helps candidates uncover where the real jobs are and how to position oneself for them, Using Social Media in Your Job Search and Ace Your Interview and Negotiate Like a Pro. The Job Search Skills course is highly interactive and has been designed to assist you in relation to your individual career goals. Get the proven, step-by-step process for understanding the job market, preparing your job search tools, building a solid network and successfully securing yourself the job you want so you can go from DREAM, to ACTION, to SUCCESS. The Red Apple Job Search Strategies authored by Maurice TendaiChimeura and published by Engage Publishing is a key resource in this workshop.